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Webinar: Improving the way we manage our EHCP duties

There is a lot of change happening to positively impact the experiences of families of children and young people with an EHCP. You may have already heard about the £7 million of ongoing annual investment into improvements to all our SEND services, and our ‘Making SEND Everyone’s Business’ transformation programme.


Our Director of Inclusion and Skills will discuss how the money is being used and what this means for you if your child has, or is in the process of getting, an EHCP. Change takes time, and we hope families start to feel the positive impacts as soon as possible.


If there are any questions you would like to have answered during this session, please email them to We will theme up the questions we get and answer as many as we are able during the session. We can’t respond to questions about individual children or their EHCPs, but we will address the general challenges that we know lots of families are facing.


Save this joining link, which you can use to join the meeting at 7pm on Thursday 23 May: Webinar joining link


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