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Integrated Therapies service

Children and Young People’s Integrated Therapy (CYPT) consists of three therapy services. These are Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy. All three work to support children and young people (CYP) in Hertfordshire.


Telephone – 01923 470680 option 3, option 2                                Email –                                                  Advice line – 01923 470680 option 3, option 1

Occupational Therapy

The children’s occupational therapy service supports children and young people with their independence in all aspects of daily living, such as self-feeding, dressing and participating in play and school activities.


The areas an Occupational Therapist may work on depends on the child’s difficulties, but could include one or more of the following:

• Independence in self-care skills such as feeding, toileting and dressing.

• Sensory or hand function difficulties, e.g. motor functions, balance writing, scissor skills, play.

• Access to the curriculum in schools, e.g. position in class, recording information.

• Posture, positioning and safe handling, e.g. specialist seating, supportive toileting equipment etc.

• Advise on safety within the home, school or nursery.

• Supporting parents, carers and classroom staff to care for and work with the child.

Depending on the reason for the referrals, children and young people will be able to access the service if they are registered with a Hertfordshire GP, attend a Hertfordshire school, or live within Hertfordshire.

• For therapy provision or a school assessment, the child will require a referral from a medical professional/ educational staff member to access the service.

• For an assessment of the home, parents are able to refer directly to the service completing the Social Care Occupational Therapy Referral Form on the website:


The OT service provides training for school staff and for parents on Sensory information and Motor development.


Understanding Children's Sensory Preferences

4th May 10-11am 

5th July 12-1pm

Supporting Children's sensory self-regulation

24th May 10-11am

17th July 10-11am

Smart Moves Training

19th April 1-2pm

6th June 1.30-2.30pm


Children's Physiotherapy Service

Provides a community service to all children under 18 years or until the end of placement within a Severe Learning Difficulties School. The child must be registered with a Hertfordshire GP and referral into the service must be from a medical professional.


Physiotherapists -

  • Support CYP with physical disabilities or conditions affecting physical development
  • Provide advice regarding posture, mobility, motor coordination and gait
  • Make recommendations for specialist equipment to support mobility or posture

Speech and Language Therapy Service

The children and young people’s (CYP) speech and language therapy service offers a child- and family-centred approach to support CYP with speech, language, communication needs (SLCN) and those with eating and drinking difficulties.


A children’s Speech and Language Therapist can support a child with:

  • Understanding spoken language
  • Creating and using spoken sentences
  • Understanding and using vocabulary
  • Using their communication skills with others
  • Fluency of speech, such as stammering
  • Forming sounds and using these in words
  • Eating and drinking skills

SaLT Education Lead

Each DSPL area has an Education Lead who acts as a point of contact for any SaL related queries from schools.


The speech and language therapy service has a range of face to face and online training for school staff.  Follow the link below for further details.