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Events for children and young people


Aldenham Country Park SEND Pavillion

A SEND play session at the Pavilion and Adventure Playground includes use of the inside play centre with sensory rooms, arts and crafts and lots of different toys. Plus the outdoor adventure play area (exclusive until 11am) with sand pits, a hobbit tunnel, climbing frames, a zip wire and more.

Autism friendly cinema screenings are sometimes called relaxed or sensory friendly screenings. Adjustments are made to reduce stress and sensory input, such as low lighting and sound, freedom to move and staff trained in autism awareness. At least once a month ODEON, Cineworld, Vue, Showcase, Picturehouse and Everyman cinemas show popular films in an autism friendly environment.

Cloud 9 is an indoor inflatable arena in Jarman Park, Hemel Hempstead.  The venue offers exclusive SEN sessions on the last Saturday of every month, from 10-11am, and the second Wednesday of every month from 5-6pm.  These sessions are much more limited in numbers so booking is necessary.  They also turn music off for these sessions.

Dawnosaurs: Relaxed Morning Visits

Dawnosaurs is a free event for children with neurodiverse conditions (including autism and other sensory processing difficulties).  Enjoy the Museum, free from the hustle and bustle of the general public. Visitors have access to a wide range of galleries and activities, supported by experienced, autism-aware facilitators.  For children aged five to 15 - siblings are welcome.

DJ's Play Jungle - St Albans:  SEN sessions are exclusive play times for children with Special Educational Needs and their families. During these quiet times music is off and the rules of which age-appropriate area to play, can be waived. All customers are expected to be understanding and patient with each other - making a welcoming environment for all. 

Early Birds at the Science Museum is a sensory friendly event for families with members who need a quieter environment to enjoy the museum. This event is suitable for those who benefit from visiting the museum in a quiet, calming setting (for example, individuals with autism spectrum conditions or sensory processing differences). Taking place on selected Saturdays and Sundays across the year, the museum opens exclusively before or after hours, and wherever possible they have adjusted operations and/or lowered volume levels on exhibits.

Gosling Sports Park has a range of inclusive activities suitable for children and adults with physical or learning difficulties.  Activities include Tennis, Trampolining and Fun rings.

Gravity Trampoline Park: Stevenage

Trampolining has been shown to help with a wide range of sensory, developmental and physical disabilities. In the SEN sessions, the whole park and its facilities are made exclusively available to members of recognised disabled groups and societies and caters for a wide range of disabilities.

Jump In: Elstree

Relaxed sensory sessions, ideal for SEN children & adults, include soft lighting and soothing or no music for a relaxed, safe & friendly low sensory space to play. Trampolining can help your children to feel relaxed and happy in a secure environment.

London Zoo relaxed opening tours allow people with autism and other neurodiversities to enjoy the Zoo in a calm and safe environment.  Tours take place before the Zoo opens to the public or after the Zoo has closed, depending on the time of year.

The London Transport museum opens outside of regular hours on certain special days so that the Museum can be enjoyed at a quieter time, free from the general public, and with many of the gallery sounds turned off.  Early Explorer Mornings are for families with SEND, including Autism.

Postal Museum: Post Early is a relaxed event that has been co-produced with Ambitious about Autism and a group of their autistic Youth Patrons. Although the event is designed to support autistic and neurodiverse people, including families and adults, it is suitable for anyone who would benefit from visiting the museum when it is less crowded and noisy.

Potential Kids provide learning, social and sports opportunities to Neurodiverse children / young people (Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourette Syndrome amongst other conditions)

Quiet at the Aquarium

On selected dates the Sealife Centre in London is opening the doors an hour early, with limited tickets available, to provide a quieter SEA LIFE experience that aims to provide a more comfortable visit for those with autism and other sensory requirements.

Relaxed Theatre performances are adapted in a number of ways to reduce anxiety and create a supportive atmosphere, including adjusting light and sound levels, providing ‘chill-out’ areas and demonstrating an embracing attitude towards audience noise and movement in the auditorium.  West End shows such as Matilda and Frozen offer relaxed Matinee performances

SENDsational Mornings at the National History Museum, Tring offer children with neurodiverse conditions, including autism and other sensory processing difficulties, the chance to take part in activities and enjoy the galleries with their families and siblings away from the hustle and bustle of the general public. 

SENsory Sailors

Families with children with SEND (under 13 years) are invited to a monthly session at the National Maritime Museum. Explore the collection, enjoy the opportunity to be creative together as a family, and meet other local families. Sessions are led by a SEND-specialist and will respond to the needs of the families participating. With a flexible approach and a team to support your family, we hope the entire family will enjoy their time at the Museum!  

SPACE Hertfordshire provide a wide range of bespoke activities for children and young people who are neurodiverse throughout the year.

Once a month on a Saturday, Tower Bridge holds a Relaxed Opening for anyone who would like to explore the Bridge in a calm, tranquil atmosphere. The day is for those with with autism and any other needs, as well as their siblings, families and carers.