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Our Children, Our Area


Children's Wellbeing Practitioners

CWPs are trained to deliver manualised guided self-help interventions for anxiety, low mood and behavioural difficulties.

There are four interventions available:

  • Child anxiety (parent-led for children aged 5-11)
  • Child behavioural problems (parent-led for children aged 5-8. Older children may be accepted in some instances)
  • Adolescent anxiety (For young people aged 11-19)
  • Adolescent low mood (For young people aged 11-19)

To support children and young people who are struggling to attend school, the CWPs have recorded a webinar focused on school based anxiety which includes: anxiety psychoeducation and strategies and tips to support children who are currently struggling with attending school due to anxiety.  Visit the website to access the webinars (part one and two) and the supporting resources.

CWPs also deliver several emotional wellbeing workshops throughout the year targeted at parents/carers and young people.

Topics include:

  • Child emotional wellbeing and regulation
  • Emotional wellbeing for adolescents
  • Child sleep difficulties
  • Adolescent sleep difficulties
  • Child self-esteem
  • Adolescent self-esteem
  • School transitions
  • Exam stress

These workshops are currently being delivered virtually via Microsoft Teams and a referral into the service is not required to access workshops.