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Positive Minds; Education

Positive Minds; Education is a 10-week wellbeing programme, run by Watford FC Community Sport and Education Trust, combining classroom and practical based activities to engage Year 6 students in the topic of mental health. Year 6 is a time of transition, during which young people are more likely to experience and develop mental health issues. Our programme has been developed to support students ahead of this change, to help them increase their knowledge, and instil key tools to improve and support their wellbeing.


The aim of the programme is for students to be able to:

• Understand what mental health is and what it means to them.

• Identify at least 3 healthy coping strategies that are specific to them as individuals.

• Identify their support network and some local mental health support services.


For further information, contact Emily Tavinor, Positive Minds Project Officer


Or Taylor Morrison, Mental Health Project Officer