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Our Children, Our Area


Activities for children and young people


Cheaper swimming lessons for disabled children (ages 4-11)

Level Water is a national charity getting more children with disabilities learning how to swim.

They do this by working with local swimming pools to provide a programme of affordable and expert 1:1 swimming lessons to children with physical needs vision impairment and deafness. The 1:1 lessons are subsidised (made cheaper) so they cost the same as a mainstream group lesson for the parents.

They are launching sessions at South Oxhey Leisure Centre in partnership with Everyone Active and currently looking for swimmers.


They fund lessons for children:

  • Aged 4-11
  • Who cannot currently swim 10 metres
  • With a physical disability, deafness or vision impairment (Unfortunately, they are not currently able to support children with other disabilities)


Follow this link to find out more

Special Olympics St Albans

Special Olympics St Albans (SOSA) is a charity that provides sports training for people of 8 years and upwards who have intellectual (learning) disabilities. SOSA caters for all levels and abilities, from those who have not tried any sport previously, to those who want to compete at a local, national or ultimately international level.


There are weekly sessions in – Athletics, Boccia, Swimming and Netball. SOSA also partner with local clubs to bring sessions in Football, Golf, Tag Rugby, Judo, Trampolining, Gymnastics and Dance.


Visit the website to find out more