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Our Children, Our Area


Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH)


According to NHS Digital, one in six children (aged 5-16) were identified as likely having a mental health problem in July 2021, a huge increase from one in nine in 2017. On average, that would amount to five children in every primary and secondary school classroom struggling with poor mental health.


An individual's SEMH needs will impact on their wellbeing, which is about both feeling good and functioning well day to day.  The things we do and the way that we think affects wellbeing.  Improving wellbeing is proven to help with physical health, performance at school, college and work, and improving quality of life.


5 Ways to Wellbeing

Connect: Spend time with family and friends.  Enjoy doing things together and talking to each other.

Be active: It keeps you physically healthy, and makes you feel good

Keep learning: Try something new. Try a new hobby, or learn about something just because it interests you.

Take notice: Take a break to see how you feel. Relax and look around you or listen to music, take a few deep breaths.

Give: Do something for a friend or relation/adult, as well as making them feel good, it can make you feel good too!   


Common Issues


Getting Help

ADHD also falls under the SEMH area of need