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Post 16 advice and support

It can be difficult for both young people and parents/carers to navigate a change of setting after GCSEs.  There are a number of options available: 6th form, college, apprenticeship and employment.  


If you would like more information, keep an eye out for our annual Post 16 information evening in the summer term.  This is designed for parents/carers to increase their knowledge of the options available across region and to speak to me and a Services for Young People advisor.


During Year 11, it can be difficult to know how best to support your child and revision can be one of the hardest things for them.  I have created a selection of varied resources for young people to use in Year 11 (or when retaking in Year 12) for the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.  All of the resources are free to access and provide their brains with different ways to practise what they need to know - videos, quizzes, podcast, past paper questions and more.


Remember to check their school 'online classroom' (e.g Google Classroom, Teams) for the many resources that their teachers will have shared.  Going through it with them and printing out useful resources, can be really helpful.  Also check with school about subscriptions that they have for online resources.  These have been specially designed to be useful for revision.  Help your young person to choose a variety of tasks to 'trick' their brain into the necessary repetition to make information 'stick'.


If you would like to have a conversation about Post 16 or about surviving Year 11 with a child with SEND, you can email me on and we can arrange a time.