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Reduced Timetables


New Reducted Timetables Portal

Schools should report any child not attending school full-time by logging into the Reduced Timetables Portal found in the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning.

Schools will need to login to their secure account to access the new portal.

Schools will need to provide their Unique Register Number (URN) and the Unique Pupil Number (UPN) of each student to report a new timetable, or to modify an existing one.

Schools will be able to see all the students on their roll who are on a reduced timetable.

Schools will be expected to upload the reduced timetable risk assessment, and the child’s inclusion plan to complete the process.


AnyComms will not be available after the 30th November to report reduced timetables and this will be deactivated on 30th November 2023. Please do not email reduced timetables to other Hertfordshire County Council email addresses.


The new Reduced Timetable Portal has been thoroughly tested to ensure that schools can log in easily and provide all required information. Should you have any issues however, please email  and a member of the team will assist.