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EBSA Guidance

Emotionally Based School Anxiety, or EBSA, is a term used to describe children and young people who experience challenges in attending school due to emotional, mental health or wellbeing issues.   The reasons why children and young people cannot attend school are often complex and vary by individual, caused by a combination of issues rather than one single cause. 


There are a number of resources for parents and professionals providing advice and strategies for supporting children and young people experiencing school based anxiety.   The term 'emotionally based school avoidance' is also often used.

EBSA Coffee Mornings


DSPL7 & 8 and Services for Young People are running an EBSA coffee morning for parents and carers who have a child in year 7 - 11 who is not attending school as a result of emotional, mental health and wellbeing issues. The children / young people can also attend. Please see the flyer below for more information.