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Key SEND documents

APDR Cycle Guidance

Written by the Educational Psychology service, these APDR documents are aimed at any staff involved in supporting students through the APDR cycle, including the SENCo, class teachers and teaching assistants/learning support assistants.

Attendance Guidance 

New guidance from the DfE states that Improving attendance is everyone's business.  Some pupils find it harder than others to attend school and therefore at all stages of improving attendance, schools and partners should work with pupils and parents to remove any barriers to attendance by building strong and trusting relationships and working together to put the right support in place.

Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Guidance Reports

EEF guidance reports summarise the best available research evidence on a particular aspect of teaching and learning, and present actionable recommendations for practice.  These cover a range of topics, including SEND, making best use of TAs, strategies for improving literacy, improving social and emotional learning, working with parents and improving behaviour.


Explore EEF guidance reports here

Engagement Model

The engagement model is an assessment tool which has been developed to help schools support children who are not working at the level of the national curriculum.

Exclusions, suspensions and other attendance issues

Exclusions Guidance from the Autism Education Trust

The Department for Education is funding the School Exclusions service through the AET, to provide information and advice to parents, when an autistic child or young person is excluded from school, or is at risk of exclusion; and to support professionals in early intervention strategies and good practice to avoid the need for exclusions.

Hertfordshire Area SEND Inspection

SEND and Alternative Provision Improvement Plan

The Department for Education (DfE) published the SEND and Alternative Provision Improvement Plan in March 2023.  By 2025, new national standards in SEND will be created, a new SENCo NPQ will be introduced and there will be moves towards a digitised system for education, health and care plans (EHCPs).

SEND Statistics 2023

This data release from the DfE combines information from the January census.  The data is broken down by type of SEN provision, type of need, age, national curriculum year group, gender, ethnicity, English as a first language and free school meal eligibility.


Over 1.5 million pupils in England have special educational needs (SEN).


In Hertfordshire, SEND statistics are:

Special Needs in Mainstream Education

This guidance report from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) offers 5 evidence-based recommendations to support pupils with SEND, providing a starting point for schools to review their current approach and practical ideas they can implement.

Specialist Provision Guidance

Supporting pupils with medical conditions