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The Lea Primary school achieves the Mental Health Kitemark


CONGRATULATIONS to The Lea Primary School and Nursery, which is the first Primary school in the St Albans District to receive the kitemark for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness by Healthy Young Minds in Hertfordshire (HYMIH). The accreditation is for a school's contribution to supporting mental health and wellbeing and need to demonstrate reflective practice with clear actions on how to develop good practice and have a clear plan on how to address any gaps. 


Headteacher James Berry said: “We know that physical health and mental wellbeing are interlinked, and we put great emphasis on teaching so that pupils understand that good physical health contributes to good mental wellbeing, and vice versa. We are really proud of this accreditation as it validates our school ethos of Learn, Enjoy, Achieve and the importance we put on our pupils' mental health.”


Special educational needs co-ordinator Sally Davey added: “All elements of our school curriculum are designed around nurturing individuals and ensuring that all children understand the characteristics of good physical health and mental wellbeing. The process of gaining this accreditation has been hugely beneficial as it has enabled us to consolidate that learning and really put it into practice.”