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New sensory room opens at Park St Primary


A new sensory room for children of all ages and abilities has been officially opened at Park Street primary school.  The room, which was installed at the end of the summer term, was funded by children's charity the Wooden Spoon (Hertfordshire region).  Features include an infinity panel, an ultraviolet carpet and mesmerising lighting, and the room will help children learn to self-regulate, which will ultimately improve focus and learning in the classroom.


Headteacher Monique Gregory said she was delighted with the room: “We are so pleased to be able to provide a safe and calming space for all our children, particularly those with sensory needs.  It is such a beneficial addition to our school and we are extremely grateful for the Wooden Spoon grant that made this possible!”


When asked what they like about the sensory room, one of the children said: "When I am in the sensory room, I feel so calm. It is so satisfying looking at all the colours around me”.

In the near future, Park Street is hoping to offer the use of the sensory room to other local primary schools and early years settings, enabling even more children to benefit from the facility.

One parent shared: “What an amazing opportunity for our children. The children are going to benefit immensely from this outstanding resource. We are very lucky!”