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DSPL7 Newsletter

April 2017

The first DSPL7 Newsletter is now available.  Although we cannot include all of the services provided within DSPL7, we hope that it will give you a flavour of what is happening and let you know how you can get involved or be supported.



Behaviour Conference - January 2017

November 2016

We have a behaviour conference with Bill Rogers scheduled in January 2017.  Bill is an authority on behaviour management. His work is acclaimed for its commitment to a skills-based approach to discipline and behaviour management. Its emphasis is on colleague support across the school, resulting in the development, and maintenance, of positive behaviours. He focuses on rights, responsibility and rules.  See the forthcoming events page for more details.



Autism Conference - October 2016

June 2016

Information about the Autism Conference has been added into the forthcoming events page.  It will take place in October and we anticipate that this event will be very popular and places are limited. It is available for booking now.



A new course for Teaching Staff working with children with Down Syndrome

May 2016

A new course has been added into the forthcoming events page - a 2 day Reading and Language Intervention course for Children with Down Syndrome, aimed at Teaching Staff.  It is available for booking now.



New courses, workshops and information sessions

May 2016

New courses and information sessions have been added to the forthcoming events page.  We have a Primary ASD Support Group starting in May, there is a Down Syndrome Education Training Course For School Staff (for children ages 5-16) which is available for booking and info about Families in Focus Parent Network support & learning drop in sessions for parents caring for children with any additional need, lifelong condition and/or disability including Autism, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome etc.  See the forthcoming events page for more details.



Launch of DSPL7 Website 

April 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of the DSPL7 Website -  The website will contain all details of the training sessions and workshops we are running, as well as signposting parents/carers and settings to useful SEN information.



Special Educational Needs Village Enlightens and Inspires Local Parents

November 2015Info Village - Nov 2015Info Village - Nov 2015

On Tuesday 24 November STAGS warmly welcomed a total of 27 special educational needs providers from across the county. These providers got together in a market place setting to create a Special Education Village in the main school hall. The highly informative event showcased much of the SEN provision that is currently available in the local area. The aim of the village, now in its second year, is to help raise awareness of the fantastic help and support that is available for all those students with additional needs. One could feel a genuine uplifting atmosphere present in the air, as enlightened parents discovered the wide variety of support available to them. Main organizer, Mrs Nichols (DSPL & SEN Consultant) who forms part of the DSPL7, Centre of Expertise, said, “We aim to respond and meet the needs of young people in an efficient way and this event is a great way of sharing knowledge and expertise with, not only parents, careers and teachers, but other local SEN providers as well.”

On behalf of all the parents, STAGS Community would like to sincerely thank all the providers who contributed to this very special village. The overall event was enhanced by the warm atmosphere, the attractive stalls, and the approachable staff who offered such helpful advice on the day. Special thanks go to Mrs Nichols for organizing the event.
Additional images of this event can be viewed on STAGS Facebook page; 

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